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Summer Reading Program 2015

It’s here SRP 2015! The theme “Heroes” really speaks to me being a fan of comics. And, I love the slogan ‘Every Hero Has A Story! Heroes come in all shapes, forms, and fashions. Hero qualities that come to mind for me are bravery, courage, sacrifice, dedication, commitment, and valor to name a few. This is by far a short list of qualities that one can associate with heroes & sheroes.

As we progress through the summer I will continue this conversation with the heroes I meet at programs and the stories they have to share. The shortest story which is also the longest story is you name or your life. We tell that story every second, minute, hour, and day we live.

Ask yourself what chapter of your life have you been the most heroic. What was special? What is your special power or ability? In the story of the cowtail switch, (3) brothers use their gifts to bring their father back to life, yet their younger brother is bestowed a greater power, the cowtail switch being given to him, granting him the authority, ability, and right to bear the traditions & stories for future generations to come.

I can relate to this tale as I always credit my father who bestowed me with the gift of storytelling.  There is not a performance that goes by where I do not think about him or making his presence be know in my telling. So, in closing, he is in fact my hero who still lives through me in story!

Chetter Galloway aka thetalkingskull