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Chetter Galloway - Storyteller - Programs
Photo by Keith Buckley
  • "Galloway's hand motions, voice changes, sound effects, and facial expressions made the performance one to remember."
    - C. Wright - Staff Writer, The Daily Athenaeum

  • The expressiveness of his physical re-enactments of characters in his stories reels the students in from the beginning, & he maintains their attention by letting them get involved. - Staff Writer for The Roanoke Times

  • Chetter's ability to take a very
    traditional way of telling a story to
    the point where a blind student can
    envision it and laugh always brings a
    tear to my eyes! - J. Granato -
    Missouri School Teacher

  • Chetter makes his stories lively and
    interactive by inviting the audience to
    help participate in telling his tales in
    innovative and fun, yet traditional
    ways.- R. Gabriel - Oxbow Regional Park

  • Chetter is the quintessential
    storyteller, rolling voice, body,
    narrative, and soul into each story.
    He not only performs the story but
    offers insight into the mood &
    significance of each scene.
    M. Greenhalgh-Johnson - Dallas Library