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Chetter Galloway - Storyteller - Programs
Photo by Keith Buckley
Testifying: Humorous Tales of Divine Intervention: Get ready to have your spirits lifted and your funny bone tickled. In this collection of stories, when trouble arises or the unexpected happens, only divine intervention can explain the hilarious outcome.

Suspensful Stories of African-American Folklore: From humorous tales of talking skulls to haunting ghosts in the graveyard, Chetter delivers suspenseful, chilling tales that may make you jump! These stories are born out of the tradition and folklore of the African American authors who preserved and collected them.

Juba This and Juba That: A Collection of African American Folktales: Storytelling plays a huge role in the culture of both Africans and African Americans. In this presentation, Chetter uses animation, sound effects, and audience participation to perform a potpourri of fun-filled stories from the African diaspora. It includes amazing animal adventures, trickster tales as well as stories of courage, wisdom and perseverance. Experience the rich folklore of African Americans through these stories and how they assist with teaching character development. These engaging tales not only entertain, but they also educate listeners about the important role of storytellers in preserving history.

Tailor Made Tales: Specific stories custom designed to fit your program needs for Black History Month, Churches, Cultural Awareness Programs, Family Reunions, Historical Reenactments, Holidays, Living History Programs, Retreats, Special Events, Summer Camps, Summer Reading Programs, Workshops, etc.

It's All About Anansi: Anansi has spun a web of stories all across the globe. Originating from the Kumasi region of Ghana, this amazing arachnid spans from Africa to the Caribbean and the Deep South. Whether he is known as Anancy Man or Aunt Nancy, he will be wise, tricky, greedy, or just hanging around for trouble in these wonderful stories.

Funny Folktales & Silly Stories: This is a short twenty to thirty minute program specifically designed for the early childhood aged student. Children will enjoy a half hour of high impact storytelling with lots of energy, animation, and audience participation!

African - American Storytelling Workshop 101: This interactive workshop introduces participants to the storytellers, authors, and organizations who preserve African American culture and history through the art of storytelling. Additionally, the workshop will cover the stories, styles, and performance techniques used by African-American storytellers.